There is no doubt in the fact that Brackets is an important tool for web developers. Basically Brackets is a powerful and lightweight text editor with a modern approach. Brackets is supported with a pre-processor and visual tools which makes it a powerful tool to design a browser. It plays a very crucial role in designing of a browser and can really improve your experience of web designing. It is a free and open source editor which was created by Adobe Systems and is available for cross-platform download on Windows, Mac and Linux. With the new update a user can use the feature where there is a custom shortcut key combination and more reliable and accurate JavaScript hinting.

Many web developers are using Brackets as there new default JavaScript or HTML. If you are new to Brackets or have not heard about it, in that case the below given screenshot can help you out.

Brackets provides many special features which includes: 

  • Quick Edit and Quick Docs
  • Live Preview and JSLint
  • LESS Support and Theseus Integration
  • Open Sourceand Extensibility

Following is the list of some useful brackets extensions which can be useful for you as a web developer:

Brackets-Themes: It is a theme manager which comes with a very big set of themes likeMonokai, Visual Studio and many more. Brackets-Beautify: By using JS Beautify, this Extension actually formats open CSS, HTML and JavaScript files.

ZoomView for Brackets: This extension adds a zoom indicator on the bottom left part of the editor.
Emmet: This extension is also available directly on the extension manager. It offers ZEN Coding support by using

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Code folding for Brackets: This extension supports XML and HTML files which are based on tag matching and is used for code folding based on multiline comments and brace ({}, []) matching
Brackets Snippets: This extension is also available in the Extension Manager and it allows a user to insert snippets by using shortcuts. There is also a settings dialog under the view category. (View > Show Snippets)

Surround for Brackets: This extension actually offers a simple and easy way to surround a selection with HTML-Tags.

  • All these extensions can easily be installed by following few simple steps:
  • Click on the Extension Manager Button:
  • After that search for the required or desirable extension.
  • Click the “Install from URL…” button on the bottom left of the page.
  • Finally paste the URL of the GitHub-Repo of the extension and click on install.

Your Brackets extension is installed.