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Five Android Applications For Teaching Kids Coding Skills

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In this digital age, technology comes across with every detail of a child’s life. Kids quickly learn how to use these devices without the help of an adult. However, most of them do not understand how they truly work. Coding is the foundation of all technology. And similar to spoken languages, teaching kids how to code is a wonderful idea. Know that young children master languages better than adults.

Although older brains might be more dynamic, younger brains are progressively adaptable. Knowing how to code is an important skill for children in this golden age of technology. Kids can gain a lot of benefits when they know how to code. For a little help, listed below are five Android applications that can outset the coding journey of your kids.

Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar

This coding application is an excellent tool for your kids to learn logic and sequencing. The only goal of this game is to make the character pass, which is a caterpillar, throughout the maze. You just have to command the character to move such as going forward or turning left or right. As the levels advance, the game gets more complex with the inclusion of the other commands like jumping, swimming, or eating leaves. Help the cute and irresistible character to arrive the conclusion of the maze. There is also an equivalent physical toy besides the standalone application. Plus you can turn off the effects and music for a more interruption-free experience.


Tynker is yet another solid coding application for kids. Its name implies tinkering, which means getting involved in active participation. Thus, making Tynker great for educating children the basics of programming. Similar to other coding applications, Tynker introduces coding with enthusiasm. As a coding tool, it highlights few choices. With Tynker, young learners can code drones and robots, build games and apps, mod Minecraft, or scrutinize STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Kids can start coding by utilizing visual building blocks before commencing with JavaScript and Python. Since this application begins with visual building blocks before going to the actual code, there is a definite learning path. Furthermore, it has a complete and thorough environment with levels of growing advancement making it one of the most excellent platforms for young learners to learn how to code.

Nancy Drew: Codes And Clues

Aside from reading and writing, coding is one of the important skills for kids, nowadays. In this digital age, anything connected to technology needs some code. Therefore, initiating an enthusiasm in coding, particularly for girls, at a young age is necessary.

Nancy Drew: Codes and Clues create interest for kids through presenting fun and appealing story. Also, the mystery adventure story constructs important reading skills and critical thinking as children read the dialogue of the story. This coding application is not that complicated because you do not have to have any knowledge about programming. Nancy Drew: Codes and Clues are just full of music, fun education, and coding. Furthermore, the coding challenges progress as the adventure progresses as well. This coding application is not only excellent for kids to acquire basic knowledge about coding, but it is also an excellent way to keep them challenged and entertained.


This coding-friendly application is an educational game for children that suggests several concepts of programming. Young learners will practice and apply programming concepts such as conditions, loops, and sequence without actually coding or typing. Develop and utilize problem-solving skill to accomplish and complete the puzzles. Letting your kids learn how to code helps them enhance or improve their logical thinking. Thus making Lightbot perfect for teaching young learners some basic principles utilized in computer programming. Furthermore, this coding application provides short instructions at the starting point of every level, and you can rerun the level whenever you want, making the process of learning much easier. But the difficulty increases quickly for every level making it complex for some children.

Fix Factory: Lego Mindstorms

This recently developed LEGO Mindstorms application helps young kids to learn the most basic notions of programming. Fix Factory is in the form of an entertaining science fiction robotic game. It supports the concept of logical thinking by controlling the robot named EV3RSTORM. You just have to complete the designated tasks at every level of the game. It starts with transporting various objects to the assigned locations, allowing young learners to develop and hone their programming skills gradually. Packed with challenging puzzles, fun sound effects, amazing robot functions, and excellent level designs, Fix Factory is an engaging puzzle game that will surely challenge kids robot commanding skills, logical thinking, and spatial intelligence.


Kid-friendly coding applications provide a substantial amount of opportunities to teach kids the concepts of programming. Instead of sending your kids to a coding camp, you can try the above list of Android applications for teaching kids coding skills. The best thing about it is that you can hang out with your kids at home and get to learn together.

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