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Top 10 Designing Tools To Create Pro Designs


When you hit the road to travel to your favorite destination, everything seems like a dream come true. You want to explore that place to the fullest, take an infinite number of photos of everything, take multiple candid shots for Facebook and Instagram and why not? Traveling is a rare opportunity to spend some time with yourself or your loved ones in a place where you can live to the fullest without worrying about anything. But snapping good quality photos with a camera as big as a small machine gun is becoming impractical with time and there are multiple substitutes for it.

The natural choice will be to use your mobile phone, and why not? It is flexible and easy to use. Besides you can easily share your photos to any social application. Mobile phone cameras are capable of taking amazing shots, and there are plenty of online designing tools that can help you enhance those images to perfection. There are other methods to take photos easily such as a GoPro camera. It is not only durable, it can also be attached to helmets, car roofs, airplanes and anywhere to get the best picture. Images captured from a GoPro can also be edited with designing tools. In order to help you choose the right designing tool, we have made our research and shortlisted 10 travel apps and designing tools for travel photography.

PicLight is a photo edit tool. It is designed to create ideal lighting effects for your photos. Suppose you are trying to take one perfect photo of yourself at an extremely beautiful location, but unable to do so as there is a lack of light. For this reason, it is important to download PicLight in your computer.

It provides more than 170 effects along with four classifications of Light, Glows, Montage and Texture for generating striking lighting effects on your photos. You are offered more than 25 filters and 18+ picture editing tools. It is ideal for travelers and photographers to bring the best out of their snaps.

This amazing tool creates eye-catching collages in a very short space of time. It deploys an automatic function that helps you create collages for Mac operating system X. The aim to design this amazing software was to provide everyone with an opening, to enhance a personal photo collection. It provides a unique feature to frame a certain set of photos into a striking display of collages.

This application works just like an online travel aggregator. On a travel aggregator app, you can compare cheapest flights, whereas CollageIt for Mac displays multiple collage templates once you have uploaded your images.

You can choose from 5 collage styles including Mosaic, center, pile, grid and free mode. With more than fifty brand new templates, this photo tool is a must for any traveler to keep. It can instantly turn your most memorable photos into lively collages with multiple layouts.

Picture Collage Maker
Picture Collage Maker is a very powerful and useful tool to create image collages on Mac OS. This tool is also very easy to understand, and you can use it to develop photo collages, greeting cards, photo calendars, posters, pamphlets, scrapbooks and travel diary templates. Imagine visiting your favorite place and taking a ton of images. You would love to make a collection and display them for everyone to see. For this reason, Picture Collage Maker is the best tool as you can edit your images and make collages, use your images in customized calendars, or paste images in your travel diaries and blogs.

You can easily commemorate your special moments by sharing collages of your favorite images with your family, friends and loved ones. This software offers you more than 140 subtle templates that can become a base to work on your artistic skills.

A traveler’s dream is to make countless GIF images of their trips, which they want to share with their loved ones. PicGIF is the best tool for them to make GIF images from short videos and photos. When you have made your desired GIF, share it with your family and friends via email, iMessage, Whatsapp, Tumblr or save it in your MacBook.

Watermark Plus
Just like the name tells us, Watermark Plus is a photography tool which helps us add watermarks to our photos. Adding a watermark to your image can become a hassle as it requires photo editing skills. However, with this app adding a watermark has become easier. It is best for professionals, especially travel photographers as there is a great chance of their precious photos being stolen.

Greeting Box
This design tool helps you to create a greeting card customized with your snaps and loving words. It offers more than 110 templates to choose from. It is a great application to create cards for your special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, showers, travel invite and much more.

VideoGIF is a supple and responsive app that assists in creating out of the world GIFs. It does so by edge any part of a movie or video. This app makes it cooler to create amazing GIFs, you just need to add a video from your computer storage, or a webcam, and make your GIFs. Resize the video, add any available filter and make your work better than ever. This app is best suitable for travelers, tourists, business and professionals and even people looking for casual entertainment.

Scrapbook Crafter
Working on this app is interesting and very easy. You can compose a scrapbook of your travels, wedding, birthday, graduation or any other occasion quite easily. It offers more than 60 scrapbook kits with more than 240 pages. Make a scrapbook of all your travels and unforgettable occasions and share it with your loved ones.

A great way to make posters on your Mac operating system, this app will turn anyone into an art designer pro in a few seconds. Select the best template that suits you, from an infinite number of choices. If you want to make a poster for your traveling business, this photography tool is the best choice.

Publisher Plus
A very influential tool for Mac users, it can help you create exclusive and certified documents. You can use it for personal as well as professional application. If you are running any business, this tool is perfect for you as you can swiftly create brochures, flyers, business cards, reports, newsletters, adverts, booklets, visiting cards, posters and much more. Publisher Plus can help you enhance your traveling business. You can take snaps of your favorite destination and use them in flyers, posters, traveling cards, or any other way to promote your work.

Different from above all, DesignEvo is an online logo maker for creating professional logos in seconds. With 5000+ professionally designed templates, Over one million icons and hundreds of text fonts and shapes, you can fully control your logo design to the best.

It has android version, iOS on the go and Mac version at your hand as well. And it supports English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese and Chinese (Simple and Traditional). Check these tools and there must be the one that meet your needs.

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