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Brisk Tips To Intensify Old Blog Posts Ranking on Top Position

old blog ranking

If you’ve been blogging for a number of years, then you more than likely have a blog full of old posts. Those posts probably aren’t receiving the traffic that your newer ones get, although you spent just as much time putting them together. Before you give up on those old posts entirely, spend some time adding some information to them in order to increase the number of viewers that they get. Rather than send those old posts to virtual paper shredding services, take advantage of their existence by making them useful again.

Add-In Images That Are Pinterest-Friendly

Did you know that Pinterest-friendly images are easy to come by? These images can also up your social media quotient, as people will share them on these sites. Before you know it, those old posts will get more attention from your readers. In order to make a picture Pinterest-friendly, it should be vertical, instead of horizontal. Check Google Analytics to see which of your old posts have gotten a lot of traffic, and then start updating the photos on them. Once those new pictures are in place, share them on Pinterest. It’s that simple. Other Pinterest users will take it from there.

Include Some Keywords

It’s easy to add keywords to a post, especially if that post is already written. Just make sure that everything flows properly, and nothing sounds strange. You can use a number of free tools to find keywords that match your content. However, watch out for keywords that aren’t specific enough. You may have to use strings of them to make them work properly. Long tail keywords, which consist of phrases, will work as well.

Deep Link Your Posts

This practice is a little time-consuming, but it pays off well. What you’ll need to do here is add links to your old content in your new content. Every time you mention something related to an old post in a new post, link to that old post. Users who are curious about that old content will click on the related links and read those long-forgotten about articles. There are also some WordPress plugins that will find related content for you and place it at the end of every post.

Add In Some New Information

Even if your old posts are evergreen (as in, they consist of content that is timeless), they could probably stand some updating. You’ll have to go through them one by one and add in new content. If something that you’ve written about has changed over time, update that information. Don’t be afraid to add in new paragraphs or go into depth about their topics. Every bit of new information helps as far as winning new readers is concerned. Never be afraid to change things.

As you see, those old posts don’t need to go to virtual paper shredding services. Instead, they can be updated in a number of ways. The updates will bring in traffic and give new life to them.

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