A logo is simply a combination of text and image,that tells a company name and represents its nature of business.It is one of the critical part of business strategy. Logo is a company’s major graphical image and presents its brand.It is the only visible display of a particular company within the market.A logo represents the company on websites,business cards and advertisement.It symbolizes customers with immediate brand recognition of the business and the services provided by the particular company.

A logo has different functions. Some of them are:

  • Revealing identity of a company
  • Help customers in knowing about the company
  • Distinguishing from others in the market
  • Can be placed everywhere to represent brand message.

It is almost impossible to establish a company in a market without a logo. It helps in building trust between a company and its customers.People will love to do business with that company who have a well-designed logo.Now-a-days a lot of start-ups are also spending huge amount of money in designing their logo.

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Types of logos
Basically,there are three types of logos.One is front based logos that mainly consist of type treatment.Then, the second type of logos represents what a company does and the third type of logo is abstract graphic symbol,that is linked to brand. A logo will be meaningless if it fails to communicate with the customers about its underlying associations. Therefore, it is very important to carefully design logo.

How To Make a Logo
Before starting to sketch a logo or knowing how to make a logo, it is very important to fix what message exactly your logos will convey.For making the process simple, first focus on writing a one -line image and a mission statement. Stick to this statement while designing logo.Then following tips also helps in designing a log:

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A look at logos of other businesses in the market:
This will help a company in differentiating themselves from other competitors.

Focusing on the mission statement of the company:
By focusing on the mission statement, your logo will help customer know what you want to communicate about your company and how your business is unique than others.

Logos should be clean and functional:
A good logo should be easy to memorize, reproduce and distinguish. Create a logo in such a way that it is clearly visible even if it is reduced or expanded.

Design your logo to illustrate company key benefit:
Logos that are perfect are able to convey the immediate statement with a picture or illustrations.

Avoid using clip art:
While designing a logo, clip art should be completely avoided as it can be easily copied. In fact, go for original art.

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Watch out for color:
Color of a logo also plays an important role.If the color is good it instantly attracts a customer eye. Color carries meanings and helps in communicating ideas.But it should be cost effective.A five-color logo can be gorgeous, but at the time of producing it at stationary,price won’t be that attractive.So, it is better,not to exceed three colors unless it is highly necessary.Logos appears in variety of mediums,some of which have production limitations.Therefore, it is better to do a color study before deciding about the color of a logo.

Try avoiding cliché
With every passing years some new trend comes in logo designing. Therefore, it is better to update logo with time,otherwise customers also get bored seeing the same repeated designs.And it is always better to design your own unique logo,rather than following other’s pattern.

Keep the logos simple
A simple and powerful logo helps in easily permeating the business world and is the best icons for standing out.

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Installing sense of activity
Installing a motion into a logo can sometimes helps in giving a logo the required boost, both from graphic and theoretical view.

Hiring a professional or using online logo maker
Though using all the tips above, one can easily design a logo, to avoid the designing cost, but still it is always a better idea to design a logo by a professional logo designer.There are also a large number online logo making websites, which can help an individual in designing a logo by following some easy steps, regardless of not having any experience. You Can Google to Find Professional Logo Design Company that designs logo online. Therefore, if you think designing logo by yourself can be a bigger risk to your company reputation then you can choose either professional designer or online logo making sites.

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Protecting your logo
After designing your logo, you can trademark it to protect it from use by others.Once your logo gets its trademark,you can use it everywhere like on business cards,advertisements,website,brochures and any place where you want to put your company name.

Do you think logo making is easy? Yes,it can be!just you have to keep in mind the nature of business and customers. With time,your logo will become a positive and identifiable symbol of your company.