Using the print or visual media to create a viable brand image of the products or service you are trying to sell to the public is a relic of the past. Today, social media networking platforms enable online users to choose whatever they need to buy with a few clicks of buttons on their laptops. In recent years, Instagram has become an extremely popular ‘on the move’ application that allows internet browsers share high-quality photographs with the people they know.

Many its followers are also ardent shoppers, and there are over 500 million of them around the world. The number is still growing, and there are reports that it is close to 700 million users today. This is the reason why you need a strong presence on social media application as an entrepreneur if you want to tap into this vast client base. Industry experts say to enhance your marketing campaign using Instagram, by keeping in mind the following six useful tips:

Make efficient use of free marketing tools on Instagram
Instagram allows you to create a business profile for your organization in the same manner as other social media networking sites like Facebook allows its users to do so. It allows online users who want to follow the development of your business to email, contact or text you at their convenience. When you create such a profile, you can get access to user-friendly analytics, which these professionals refer to as ‘Insights.’ This gives you the ability to engage with your online target audience using this social media application and impress them with the products you are offering to sell them. The more information you get about your potential client base, the innovative ways you can think of to interact with them.

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Promote your post on other social media platforms on Instagram
You should make it a point to post the contents you upload on other social media networking platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn to Instagram. You can also invite the people who follow your brand on Instagram to follow your business website on other social media networking channels.  This enables you to increase the number of online users who follow your organization’s brand using this social media platform. It also generates interest them in what you are offering to sell them. However, you should never expect your online audience to respond immediately to your brand post on various social media networking platforms. Keep this vital marketing tip in mind when you are looking for more followers for Instagram.

Make it a point to interact with your followers to enhance growth
When online user comments on the contents you post on Instagram or any other social media platform, you should make it a point to reply back to them. This shows that you appreciate the feedback they provide about your business.It can also you help to promote the products or services you are offering to sell them. Maintaining this type of contact with the people who follow on Instagram can go a long way in developing your business. You need to remember that they have the potential to either make or break your business.

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Importance of interactive hashtags
To engage actively with your online customers who visit your profile on Instagram, you should make it a point to create user-friendly interactive hashtags on your site. However, it is essential that you do this correctly or else hire skilled industry experts to do it for you. This allows your online customers to post and tag the photos of the products they purchase from you on the various social media networking sites they visit.

When it comes to marketing your products and services on Instagram, you need to be consistent. You need to make it a point to keep posting relevant contents to engage the interest of your followers on this platform. This helps you to know what these online customers expect from you and your business.

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Maintain a friendly attitude
You need to understand the people who use Instagram come from diverse backgrounds. They also have different views about the products or service you are offering to sell them on this platform. It is essential for you to maintain a cordial relationship with this online audience, listen to what they have to say and appreciate the time they spend visiting your site.

Interacting with your online target audience on Instagram can take your business to the next level. The number of internet browsers using this social media application is increasing every day and is likely to continue shortly. As an entrepreneur, you need to tap into this potential client base if you want to gain the competitive edge. The above six tips can go a long way in helping you achieve this objective.

Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.