From the moment you open the package for your new cell phone or any other new gadget, you think “this time I will take really good care of my phone.” However, how long is it before you drop it? Is it days, weeks, months or is it merely seconds after you open the box before your phone crashes to the ground?

Everyone hates that feeling as their phone slips from their hands, but there are ways you can protect your gadgets and prevent that sickening feeling as you watch it hit the ground.

The following is a list of the six best ways to protect your gadgets:

Not Just For Looks

There are thousands of cases on the market for cell phones; most have everything to do with appearance and nothing to do with protection. Most cases are thin, flimsy, and do nothing other than change the look of your phone. This is incredibly ironic, because isn’t it the job of a case to give protection?

Not to say that you don’t want a case that is attractive to look at, but it is important to find a case that does provide protection as well. There are several protective and handsome looking cases available such as the LifeProof case which keeps phones protected when dropped or submerged in water.

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Screens Scratch Easily

Cell phones screen scratch when they are dropped, rubbed up against keys, or shoved in a pocket with coarse fibers. This is why, as silly as it may sound, you need to place a screen protector on the screen of your cell phone. Although there was a time when screen protectors were foggy and smudgy pieces of plastic, they now are so well made you can’t even see them on top of your screens. In fact, you can even buy screen protectors made of tempered glass. The minimal cost of a screen protector is worth every penny to protect your phone.

Battery Cycles

No matter what phone you own, all mobile devices eventually lose their battery life. In order to sustain the life of your cell phone battery, you need to maintain it properly. From day one, you need to charge your battery as instructed; most likely three to four hours before the first use. Moving forward, you should fully drain and then fully recharge your battery at least every other month.  By maintaining your cell phones battery, you are extending its life and well as protecting your phone.

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Weather Wise

Everyone knows that water is damaging to cell phones; so clearly rain and snow are bad for them as well. However, have you ever left your cell phone in the car overnight during the cold of winter? Or worse yet, have you left it laying in the sun? Extreme temperatures can affect your phones display, battery, and other internal components. It is best to keep your phone out of the sun and heat, but not in a place that is too cold either. Being weather wise is a great way to protect your phone.

Insurance Benefits

You wouldn’t own a house or a car without properly insuring it from damage, so why would you own a cell phone without properly insuring it? You can do everything in your power to care and protect your cell phone, but sometimes the unforeseeable happens. Most cell phone carriers offer insurance for your cell phone at a reasonable price. However, there are other options for insurance such as Square Trade if you need insurance and looking for reasonable rates. It doesn’t matter who you insure your phone through, just make sure you are covered in case of an accident.

No longer do you need to worry about accidentally dropping your phone, because you have put a protective case on your phone, covered the screen, maintained the battery, become weather wise, and lastly you are insured for the unforeseeable.

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