If you are planning to start the online forum website and you are in confusion of choosing the best forum software, then you are at the right place. Here you’ll find the top free forum software that will help you in building the best conference website. You get through and search various websites just to know about the best free forum, but all you get is confusion. But, the points mention below will remove all your doubts regarding the forum.

So, here is the list of comprehensive forum software that would help you to develop your forum with some basic coding.You can get a list of free forums 2017 at layerpoint.com.

#1 Simple Machines Forum
It is also known as SMF in short. As it can be seen from the name itself, it is a simple but also the professional forum software where you can easily make your website or forum just in a click. The forum contains many powerful features for the users, and you can use them too. It is the high customization engine which offers full control of the message board. The forum is also written in MySql database and PHP. This is the software of next generation and is completely free.

#2 bbPress
This is one of the best forum software that you can utilize to make forum or discussion website. This forum is the part of word press where you can easily set your debate and discussion inside theword press powered site. By taking an example, you can build the same panel as available on WordPress.

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Its features include:

  • The installation process of the forum is very simple.
  • You can simply moderate it.
  • The forum is fast and also less messy.
  • It is fully unified with the main account, personal admin area and single installation click are offered.
  • Step by step guidance is available, so it makes the installation process easy.
  • You can even divide your website, and this also allows users to create their content.

#3 Vanilla Forums
The forum is flexible and open source software that helps to build online forums. You can easily install and manage the forums of vanilla. This software also consists of the paid version with some additional features.

Some of its features include:

  • It allows all its users to post their queries and polls.
  • It also provides the user experience and also every design has alogical reason to support.
  • All the user profiles are compatible with Avatars.
  • Any user can post in rich text and also the images can be dragged and adjusted as well.
  • Powerful search engine, autosave, and preview are some of the features of thevanilla forum software.

#4 MyBB
It is one of the forums that are used by many users and also the one that provides best features and great moderation to keep your forum up to date. MyBB consists of every feature that you need in your forum.

Its features are:

  • Using for all the users is effortless.
  • You can also add any feature you want by using the plugin system.
  • End numbers of polls, threads and posts can be made on the forum.
  • It also consists of the private message option from which you can message other users privately.
  • It also has the feature of warning where something appropriate happens then you can also warn the users.
  • You’ll be having the option on your forum where other users can rate you as well and also post the comments.
  • It is developed in a way that everything can be performed easily and in a better way.
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#5 Phorum
This is also one of the best PHP open source forum and the platform of discussion. The software is working since 1988 and has the best experience in providing the software to the users who want to start their discussion. This forum is also customizable where you can use it as per your requirement and needs.

Its features include:

  • It gives you the option of choosing your brand name instead of ‘Phorum.’
  • It gives you the power to redesign the data and of any shape.
  • The Phorumis made with MySql and PHP.

So, these were some of the free best software forums that you can start to use as your online forum for play facebook games.