The Word “Market” refers the place where buyers and sellers meet each other to exchange their goods and services. Market is one of the common word we all know. Although there are different types of markets like Retail Market, Wholesale market etc. depending upon the quantity of products available. Before 10 to 12 years there was only one type of marketing namely traditional marketing but now this word has broaden meaning itself because if market is there then marketing will automatically be there. Hence this introduces a new type of marketing namely Digital Marketing. Detail on these types of marketing is given below:

Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing basically means promotion your product and services traditionally like making posters, showing advertisements on TV, making banners, on newspapers, billboard etc. From these type of marketing techniques sellers were and still getting a successful results. Through this type of marketing sellers can introduce their product and are able to reach the desired customers. To accomplish traditional marketing seller should have a good budget as well as good links because making posters and showing ads on television is a bit costly thing therefore not all startup entrepreneurs can afford such type of promotion.

Digital Marketing

The concept of digital marketing is quite similar to traditional marketing but the way promotion is completely different. As we know now a day’s people are more social and active on internet rather than in live world. Because of that marketing strategy is shifting to digital world. Since with the introduction of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and popular search engines like Google, Bing Yahoo etc. Due to this marketers have realized that running their ads on such platforms will be quite useful. Marketers will have to pay only when someone clicks on your ads and it also gives an option to whom you want to show your ads. Due to this approach different techniques are introduced on these platforms some are free and some are paid. Detail about digital marketing is given below:

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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing divides into 4 categories:

Seo means Search Engine Optimization. Whenever user write a query on search engine like google a total of ten results are shown. These results are totally free. From the Google’s survey it is proved that user don’t go beyond the second page of search result so to rank their keywords/ webpage on first there are different types of optimizing techniques like on-page optimization and Off-page optimization.

SEM means Search Engine Marketing. If someone is new in his business and want lead from day one then for that Google and other search engines provides tool through which one can run ads which will be shown on first page. Of course to run an ad on first page there are few factors like quality score, bidding, keyword competition and how to optimize it is a different concept. Google’s one of the available tool is AdWords.

SMO means Social Media Optimization. As discussed above people now a days are more active on Facebook, so you can create a post of your product and services and that post will be seen by everyone who so ever like or share that post. Now a days these techniques are really giving results in case of brand awareness. Although it’s a bit slow process but it is free and much faster than other social media sites.

SMM means Social Media Marketing. Through this user can run ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram which will be seen by everyone depending on budget, geo location and other optimizing options available. A marker can run ads by choosing different objectives like brand awareness, lead generation, reach and even can decide whom he want to show his ads like male, female, married/unmarried, age optimizing, location bidding etc.

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To know more about Digital Marketing join Digital Marketing Institute Rohini as it is one of the best institute to learn online marketing on live project. Hence from the above information we can see how Traditional Marketing is shifting to Digital Marketing. In today time is someone wants to make his career in marketing then knowledge of both traditional and digital is must.



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