Although there are various categories of marketing strategies, however, there are two primary segments in marketing. One is called traditional marketing, and the other more modern digital marketing. In this article, you will learn about the basic nature of these two types of marketing to help you decide which form works best for your business.

Traditional marketing
Traditional marketing consists of various types of promotions, advertisings, and publicities which are done by companies and business agencies for long periods of time and they have a well-proven rate of success too. Earlier marketing was defined as the transfer of goods from the producers to the consumers. The producers only focused on what they produced and manufactured, the requirements of consumers wasn’t taken into consideration. Traditional marketing techniques included print advertisements, billboards, newspaper advertisements, newsletters, etc. Advertising on televisions and radios also come under traditional marketing.

Needs of digital marketing today
With the progress in technology today, it is crucial marketing techniques also change. Digital marketing is a part of this technological change in the world today with so much of internet that seeped into the society these days with social media and emails, Smartphones and tablets. Digital marketing is almost the same as traditional marketing but by the use of digital devices and more of informational technology. Digital marketing is faster, more reliable and an easier medium and hence, it is popular worldwide today.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing incorporates marketing through an online medium such as engines, social media networking, websites, and also emails. Internet marketing is another name for digital marketing. Digital marketing is popular because:

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1) The techniques of Digital marketing are more cost-effective.
2) Digital information is processed faster than traditional methods; thereby it is more result oriented.
3) It is easier to track the performance and progress of a digital marketing strategy.
4) The processes of digital marketing are reliable, and they generate more revenues.
5) A targeted audience can be reached by using digital marketing methods.

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Hopefully, this article would have given you a fundamental idea of these two different types of marketing. A good marketing strategy would be to incorporate both traditional and digital methods into your marketing campaigns.