Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia is a very famous multiplayer game. Among youth, in India, this game is very popular. This game doesn’t need any introduction because each and every person knows about this amazing game. Several mods are now available in the market to win the game like mini militia ultimate mega mod, mini militia health hack, etc.

There is a big question among newbie players that why they are failing to get a high score in the game. Newbie players want to be the perfect in the game very quickly. So here we are to help them.

Being perfect and mastering any game takes time. But by using some pro techniques mastering becomes easy and fast. In this article, we will tell you some tips and tricks by which you can easily score high. Keep reading the article to know these amazing tips, techniques, and tricks.

1.Grab Powerful Weapons
Mini Militia is a game of weapons. As you know there are a lot of amazing weapons in the game. A lot of Guns and Grenade are there. To play like a pro you have to think like a pro. Always try to grab powerful weapons. By using the powerful weapons you can easily take down the opponent and score more. Shotgun, Rifle, AK47, Rocket Launcher, Sniper are the most powerful weapons. The chances of getting high score get increases.

2. Sit While Firing
Always try to sit while firing. It will save a lot of health. By this, you will survive more and can gain more score. When your opponent throws a grenade, sit down to minimize the damage. By sitting at that time you can save your health and survive at that time. There is an another fact about sitting while firing that you can shoot clearly by sitting. It means that you can make your gun shoot very clearly by sitting.

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3.Use Best Weapon Combination
Using best weapon combination is an another best method to score high and win the game. We have explained here below the best weapon combination. Different weapons are used for different ranges i.e. for the closer range you have to use some different weapons like Shot Gun and for long range, you have to use some different weapons like Sniper. Weapons For Long Range – Sniper, Rocket Launcher, Rifle etc.
Medium Range – AK47, M4 etc.
Close Range – Shot Gun, Flame Tower etc.

4.Use Bombs
Either you are defending or attacking always try to use bombs whenever it possible. By throwing the bomb at the opponent the chances of taking him down get increases. In the close fights leave grenade instantly to kill the opponent even you have very low health. Don’t let the opponent take points. Throw grenades downward when the opponent is there. Leave a gas grenade and sensor bomb at the point you respawn. It will give more points because whenever your opponent respawns at that spot the chances of his damage will be more.

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5.Use Melee Button(Hand Killing)
Always use Melee Button (Hand Killing Button) while flying to fly faster. You can fly more and faster than your opponent by using this method. You have to keep your gun aim in the same direction in which you are moving. Using Melee Button while flying gives you extra thrust. By this, you can reach to your opponent faster and can gain more points by destroying him.

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Final Words-
Finally, you have full knowledge about Top 5 Ways To Win Every Game In Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia. If you still have any doubt about these tips, tricks and techniques then feel free to ask in the comments section. Also, share this article with your newbie friends that they also can get the knowledge about these tips and tricks.