We cannot deny the power of social media today. Various social media platforms and websites are there, offering different kinds of social networking experiences. Using these social media platforms is always useful and essential. Now, when it comes to web designing, everyone recognizes it as growing industry. Demand for website designing is on record high as everyone wants to have an online presence. From individuals to organizations, everyone wants to promote business or products or services or personal identity through the website. Purpose of having a site and being on social media is more or less the same. The primary reason is online exposure, which both websites and social networking can deliver.

In this article, we shall mainly discuss impact of social media on website designing industry. How can social media impact website designing? Well, it may influence your site designing project from various aspects. However, at the same time, it will help your business to grow optimally. Influence of social media for website designing process is always considered as positive. It helps to make a website more user-friendly.

Visually Attractive Website
Today, we find that websites are getting more visually attractive. It is the reason for social media. The majority number of users for social media is young people. They like sites that come with a seamless and eye-catching interface. They do not want to browse those websites that look dull in terms of interface. They like to browse websites that are seamless in design. Not just eye-catching design, the website should be easy to load. A site that takes high time for loading is undoubtedly annoying. Thus, using too many images is not recommended as that makes website quite slow in performance.

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Visual attraction of a website depends on many factors. However, influence of social media can be noted here. Social media users always like to find sites that are not only stuffed with texts but also stuffed with information through multimedia contents. In social media websites, we often come across videos, images, infographics, text contents and many more. All these things should be assembled in one site. It will make your website to appear more attractive. Nevertheless, young generation people would surely love as well as appreciate the website.

Minimal and Responsive Website Design
If you check social media platforms carefully, you shall find that design for the interface is simple yet quite catchy. Such design philosophy is known as minimal website designing. That means creating an eye-catching website with minimal uses of design elements. The look should be professional and flawless. Along with a minimalist website designing, today most of the social media websites follow responsive web design. Responsive website designing refers to the concept where site understands the resolution of accessing device from users. According to accessing device, website changes its interface. Like social media platforms, any professional websites should be built upon minimal and responsive designing concept. It will help your online based business to grow with more perfection. It will improve your online presence to flourish.

Sharing Images and Videos
Previously, website owners used to share text-based contents. However, today use of multimedia contents can be noted, and this is primarily due to the influence of social media. Your website should come with amazing visual contents. People find it better to check photos, videos and other multimedia contents rather than reading plaintexts. Moreover, it is easy to convey a concept more efficiently through visual rather than using texts. So, it is a good thing for both website owner and web visitor. You would find that many social media websites only allow posting visual contents. For example, you may have used Instagram which is a popular photo-sharing social media platform. Not just photo, you can share videos as well. You need to increase your followers through free Instagram likes and posting interactive as well as exciting contents.

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Adding Social Media Button
A definite influence of social media can be understood, when you see that more than 99% websites come with social media tags and buttons on their sites. Using these buttons is essential today, as people like to share things on social media what they find at different websites. For example, you sell a particular product. Your site should have a separate page for that product, sharing vital or crucial information on that product. People would find your product on the website, and they would like to share it on social media platform with friends. For this, they can click on social media buttons to share the page. It is an excellent way of increasing exposure to a product or service. At the same time, it will help your business to gain a better reputation.

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