A lot of platforms for blogging have come and gone, but one that has remained is WordPress. Since it was announced in 2003, WordPress has moved from being a ubiquitous and simple blogging platform to a prominent and preferred open source WordPress web development platform.

It has become the most used content management system, Yoast has it that about 25% of new websites are using this platform. And a lot of top sites are using this platform, ranging from CNN, celebrities like Katy Perry and Jay-Z, The New York Times, to companies like eBay and UPS, WordPress development and designing has really taken over. Now all these big news sites and companies make use of this platform because they find it more convenient than other traditional websites.

In this article, we will talk about the reasons why a WordPress website is better than a normal traditional website. Below are some of the reasons:

Saves You Money:
You no longer need to send some common basic changes in text to your web Development Company or designer or even need them to add some posts or new pages for you. With the simplicity of the WordPress platform, you can do the editing yourself when you want to and save yourself the money you would have used to pay your designer for adding blog posts or new pages to your website. You can contribute to your savings by managing the videos, text, and photos of your website.

Fast Content Upload:
You don’t have to wait for your Web designer for some days to make some necessary changes on your site, whatever content you want to put on your site immediately can be done by you at that time. This way, you’ll always keep your site visitors current and up to date.

Consistency In Design:
WordPress web development makes use of the themed approach to layout and designs. It is either you buy a pre-designed theme, or you make a custom design for yourself, after which the theme will be added to your WordPress files. Irrespective of the quantity of blog posts or web pages added to your website, how Yorkshire site feels and looks is assured by your theme, and this will help your visitors to remain focused on your site’s content instead of being distracted by several layouts.

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Mobile Optimization:
There is no need to spend more money optimizing your website for mobile or building another website that supports mobile devices. WordPress development recognizes devices automatically. It can tell whatever platform visitors are visiting the site from if it is from a mobile device or a system. And it from a mobile device, WordPress automatically optimizes and configures the Web content to be mobile friendly.

Schedule Content Upload:
You can add posts or contents to your site and schedule the time and day you want your content or posts to be published on your site. You can write a step by step, or a day by day tutorial and schedule the time and the dates you want it to be published, and WordPress will automatically do it for you.

Friendly Social Networking:
WordPress integrates your Web posts automatically with your social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. So you don’t have to go to each social network to write a post concerning new contents on your website. WordPress has already made a direct link for you to do that.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Friendliness:
WordPress development blog code is constructed in such a way that it is streamlined and consistent and it does not have excessive HTML codes, the reason Google finds it inviting for indexing. Although its streamlining coding is not like coding out a site manually, so long as all that is needed for the search engine optimization is provided, Google’s spider will definitely accept WordPress. With the correct setup, you can customize all your blog posts or pages to get very high odds and the probability of coming out in search results. And this is not common with other content management systems.

Growth Potential:
Whenever you add new pages to your site, there is no need to update your navigation. As there will be automatic link addition for the new pages, depending on the categories or category that you assigned your pages or links to. All these take place in the admin section of your site, instead of doing some JavaScript manual editing and toggling through menus and very complex PHP included files.

Better Security:
One common argument between WordPress sites and other blog software is the use of plugins. Plugins are little add-on programs that provide more support for blog software. The threat here is that hackers through this plugin on your website can get into your website. But the reverse is the case. If your WordPress installation was done by the right persons, you could have a hacker-proof site. Because there is actually a process called WordPress installation hardening. But you hardly hear or see a web development company hack-proofing a normal traditional site even though cPanel and FTP accounts can easily be hacked into with the simple usage of passwords and usernames.

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Keep Your Visitors Coming Back:
The simple reason that your visitors are inspired with your frequent content upload will definitely encourage them and increase their regular visit to your site. When people like your web content a lot, they are going to keep coming back to know if you have uploaded more. This is where Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds comes into action, together with automated notification via email that there has been a recent upload of new content.

These notifications trigger old visitors to return back to your site and take a look at your newly uploaded content. In the case of the RSS, visitors that subscribe to it will receive the whole post via their mobile device or RSS reader. This means of communication is not what is going to be experienced in the future, it is something that is currently going on now in WordPress development. If you don’t have any experience of how RSS works, you should consider having a blog via WordPress.

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More Awareness of Your Brand:
Since every blog site’s common approach is to design and turn its website into a resource of specific industry authority with hundreds of pages of contents or even thousands of pages of contents. So the chances and opportunity of your brand being noticed by the general public are exponentially multiplied a lot more over and above the normal traditional websites that are made of 30 to 40 web pages only.

Automated Syndication:
Web posts can be converted automatically into Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feed and sent to other people’s website and also to blog directories.

Harnil Oza is a CEO of Hyperlink Infosystem, a mobile app development company based in USA & India having a team of best app developers who deliver best mobile solutions mainly on Android and iOS platform. He regularly contributes his knowledge on the leading blogging sites.