voice assistant technology

You have certainly heard about it, Google Home has arrived in since early August. For the moment the functionalities remain limited, but that should change by the end of the year. Amazon is not left with Amazon Echo cardboard in the United States before going out anywhere. While Apple and Microsoft are also working on the subject.

In 2017, 24M of assistants were sold (according to market research firm Strategy Analytics)
Suffice to say that if all the giants of the web put themselves this could become “the next big thing” and that it will not be without implications on the way to access the information.

Let’s see what will change.

More searches
No need to take out your phone, computer or tablet, if you have an assistant, you can always ask him questions. It is likely that you ask him more and more, because it is easier to search vocally.It also makes research accessible to people who are not comfortable with computers / phones, because you only have to talk to your assistant.

New keywords
When typing, we tend to limit the number of words and format our search so that Google understands it … This “limitation” tends to disappear with voice search. The user will talk to his assistant as a human and ask him more specific questions.

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The long-running research is likely to explode to the delight of SEO…
From now on, we will no longer talk about keywords, but research intent, no matter how it is formulated.

Voice applications
The assistants propose to the publishers to develop their vocal applications. You can, via voice applications, for example:

  • Order playback of your favorite playlists via Spotify
  • Control the viewing of your videos, movies and series via Youtube or Netflix
  • Get train ticket prices via Voyages SNCF
  • Know your horoscope via Her Horoscope

Google is in contact with the largest publishers and E-commerce sites to encourage them to create their applications. It is likely that many come out of Christmas in order to make Google Home Hi Tech gift of the holiday season.

Amazon side, there are about 10K skills in English…

A Google Home + Chromecast combo
Now you can link Google Home and your Chromecast to show your search results on your TV. You can search Youtube videos and display them on your TV without going through your traditional devices.

It’s a new way to access information…

The importance of Position 0
The voice assistant selects a single result that he reads to the user. It takes the famous zero position (also called featured snippets), but now only the first place counts.

The battle of the audience will be fierce…

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You do not necessarily generate more traffic on your website
The purpose of the voice assistant and you “read” the answer to your question. From now on a user can hear one of your contents without having seen your site. In addition, the Google Knowledge Graph may be more and more involved so that the assistant offers his own answer.

The measure of the audience
Today it is impossible to measure the audience of the content read by Google Home. Google Analytics does not track the information because it did not trigger the display of your pages. It also seems that Google has not planned for the moment to integrate this information in the new version of the Search Console should be released in a few months.

An impact on online advertising
If the answer is read, it means that the ads placed on your pages will not be seen. This may limit publisher advertising revenue.

In other words, it can become problematic if Google reads your content without any possibility of remuneration for you…

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The end of the Google monopoly
Google is an undisputed leader on the “classic” search where it is so far ahead that these competitors seem to have thrown in the towel.

But will it be the same for the assistants who will create new uses both research and home automation. This is an opportunity for its competitors to innovate on a new market.

In conclusion
In short you have understood the year 2018 may be exciting, because the emergence of assistants could change the situation at the level of access to information. This is a great opportunity to get out of the game.

Susan Melinda is a digital marketer based in Singapore. Currently, she is working as the Head of Digital Marketing at a renowned, professional digital marketing company in Singapore. She likes taking her precious time out to learn more about the trends and techniques in the field of digital marketing.