In the moderan area of smartphones, it’s a trend and must have gadget to have for everyone. Reason of smartphones trend is latest and various kind of application for education and entertainment. Now if we think; How we can protect women with these application! Yes, this is good reason to blog about women safety applications for Google Android and Apple iPhone. So, without wasting more time, lrt’s take a look on best 20 android and ios application for women safety.

nirbhaya#1. Nirbhaya: Be Fearless App
How can we forget that night when a girl ‘Nirbhaya’ got raped in a moving bus by 6 insane monsters?  This app is designed by smartcloud infotech on that brave girl name and won Social Innovation Award. This app can be used in an emergency using a single click which will protect anybody, specially women and children. On a single click, this app sends alerts to pre-added contacts (more than one user) with the app user’s location. The user can also choose SOS message option in this app and by one click it’ll be send to the pre-added users.

watchover#2. Watch Over Me App
Watch Over Me is an app which can be used via your smartphone or smartwatch. If you feel unsafe, the only thing you have to do is press your phone or watch. Instantly a notification will be send to the pre-added selected users along with your location details and thus they would be able to track your location on their map and would be able to take further protective actions. As an additional feature this app offers Continuous Safety Monitoring where the app asks you to confirm that you are safe or not. This checking will be periodically by the app automatically and if you don’t respond or confirm your safety, this app automatically sends an alert to your safety network contacts.

ifollow#3. iFollow
iFollow is an awarded app for ladies safety from Nasscom AppFame and supported in both iphone and android. This works very simply. The moment you realize the danger the only thing you have to do is shake your mobile 3 times in 5 sec and the app will trigger automatic voice call to your priority number and alert too. Considering the unexpected scenarios where the goes unattended or not got connected, ‘iFollow’ sends an SMS to all those emergency numbers which is already added  in your contact list (up to 3 contacts) and gives your geo info to them so that they may further proceed with your tracking and protective measures.

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smartshehar#4. SmartShehar Woman Safety Shield Protection
This awesome app allows clicking a picture and sharing it with the contacts pre-added by the user in their safety list just by hitting emergency button after clicking the photograph. One of the best features of this app is that if by any chance you lose your phone before sending the picture, you need not to be panic because the special feature of this app will automatically send the location details with an alert notification automatically within a few seconds. Also, if you switch ON the feature ‘Walk With Me’, it’ll regularly track your location and give information to those who added in your safety list.

damini#5. Damini
Damini is also an app, which is tribute again to Nirbhaya(Delhi Gangrape’s Victim Jyoti) and developed by KloudData. By one click on your phone, you can send message with your current location to your personal contacts. This app also records all the video clips and generate links on cloud and you can also send the video links to your personal contacts in the danger situation.

policenear#6. Police Nearby
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched an app, which locate the nearest police station nearby the user. This app provides the police station name, contact numbers of SP Office, control room and distance from the place you stand. You can also call any of the police station number by one single click.

suspectreg#7. Suspects Registry — For Women
If you are in a danger, simply press the panic button of this app and it will start one minute recording and send it to your emergency contacts numbers with your full location details. One of the main important features of this app is “Record Any Incident”, which will upload pictures on your facebook profile page.

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bugle#8. Bugle
This is an iPhone app that notifies your emergency contacts when you are in a trouble with just one click. This app provides you a feature of check-in, at every stage. If you don’t check-in any stage of the distance you are going to, then it’ll automatically generate an alert message and send it to your pre-added contacts.

vithu#9. VithU App
A tracking app which get activated once you on your mobile phone. It’ll update your location on every two minutes to your emergency contacts. It will send them a message ‘I am in danger. I need help. Please follow my location’ with the updated location all the time.

beingsafe#10. BeingSafe
With this app you can alert your contacts about your location details. The good thing is that there is no limitation on number of pre-added contacts in this application. Best part is that this will not send alerts only to your emergency contacts but will also send an alert to other users of the same app in the particular range.

screamalrm#11. Scream Alarm!
This app does just one thing but something which is sometime really effective. Push the button and it will make your phone scream loudly with a woman’s voice.

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fightback#12. Fightback App
This app gives a feature to alert your Facebook contact via mentioning you are in a danger situation. By just one press, it sends message to all your friends, connected to your profile on the facebook.

secureher#13. Secure Her App
Secure she is again a security app which helps to track the location details of the women or a girl and if they are in any distress situation, they just need to press the emergency button in the app and the location will be tracked instantly within fraction of seconds.

bsafe#14. bSafe
This app let your emergency contacts follow you through a live GPS trail; set a timed alarm that goes off if you haven’t ‘checked in’; make your phone ring with a fake call; the alert notifies emergency contacts with location, video, even siren.

telltail#15. TellTail
By this app, user can send alert message to their emergency contacts in 3 different ways; first, with the phone setting on, click the power button 3 times and automatic alarm will be active in your danger situation. Second, click on the green panic button and send automatic alerts to your pre-added emergency contacts. Third, shake the phone and alert notification will be send to your nearest and dearest with the full detail of your current location.

panicguard#16. PanicGuard – Safety Fast
It is an app which is actively in use in 20 different countries. While you simply shake your phone, it activates the alerts and sends it to your emergency contacts. This app sends the detail of the current location with last location also. It also warns user for dangerous and unsafe areas.

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safetrac#17. SafeTrac
SafeTrac app is available on android as well as on basic phones. This app will track your journey location and sends immediate alerts to your contacts.

safebrigde#18. SafeBridge
The best thing about this application is that this app is an offline app which means no need of internet connection for using this app. This app is also able to send the exact location details and situation to the all emergency contacts free of cost and without internet.

seftipin#19. SafetiPin
This app shows safe and unsafe location on the map with the help of ‘pin’ along with the full location details.  And like any other safety app, this app also have feature of emergency alert system via message.

womansefty#20. Women Safety Secure:
This superb app recognizes your shouting and crying voice as danger zone signal and automatically sends messages to your pre-added emergency contacts with the full location detail.

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