WordPress is ideally suited for creating websites of all kinds. The vast repository of WordPress themes is categorized according to the types of the industry it serves to make it easy for users to pick up the most suitable template for creating sites that match their business needs. That is the reason it is easy to find a WordPress theme that perfectly suits for your business regardless of the industry segment to which it belongs. Themes are like the skin of websites that needs proper decoration to give it the finished look.  The theme determines how the content is organized. It also defines how the display would appear so that you can judge how comfortable it will be for viewers to read the content.

Many companies in the finance industry like the National Debt Relief, the organization that offers services in debt relief by way of debt consolidation make good use of WordPress websites.  The advantage of WordPress themes is that it makes the process of creating sites much fast and straightforward that perfectly matches the expectations of fast-paced businesses. The themes are very versatile and capable of capturing the business processes that help to realize the business goals. It is possible to impose your ideas on themes, designed to accommodate users so that they can create the most appropriate websites. Any finance business can fit into WordPress themes that are adaptable to all kinds of financial activities. Some of the most prominent WordPress themes for finance companies find a place in this article.

Genesis Child Theme
If you are on the lookout for a WordPress theme that allows you to demonstrate your creativity by customizing an existing theme randomly and also provides the option of upgrading later, then there can be nothing more befitting than the Genesis Child Theme built on the Genesis framework. The mention of Child in the name of the theme is meaningful because the theme originates from a parent theme but emerges as an entirely new theme with a separate identity, capable of retaining all customizations done to it. For those who want to build websites speedily, this theme is the right choice, as it does not require developing the layout and design from scratch, which apparently saves time. Even when an upgrade takes place to the parent theme, there is no impact on the child theme, as these remain dissociated from one another.

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Discreet marketing
The website built on Genesis Child Theme is an example of how finance companies can use WordPress websites for online marketing that is both aggressive and effective. The high quality of content and its attractive presentation help to educate viewers about the various aspects of debt consolidation and explain how the Company can help to manage debts effectively by taking measures in reorganizing finances. In the process, it helps to build a favorable opinion among viewers about the capabilities of the company that imparts confidence to viewers and ultimately drive sales.

Financier – a theme with broad scope
The Financier is a very versatile theme that all kinds of financial companies can use for creating business websites. The corporate looks of the home page have an elegant appeal that makes the theme suitable for building sites of large commercial businesses. Also, the homepage has several flexible features that increase its adaptability for many different kinds of business in the financial segment. Templates provided for creating the inner pages constitutes of service pages, contact pages, portfolio content and blog posts. You can also create pages for team members, partners and Company history pages. For easy customization, you can use the drag and drop tool that makes the process very user-friendly. For adding variety to headers and footers, there are twelve header styles and three footer styles.

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Accounting – a theme for accountants
The looks of the theme conceal its enormous potential of flexibility, and it can be quite deceptive because from the initial appearance you would look at it as a theme with a single solution. Accountants who want to create their own professional websites would find this theme precisely carved out for them. To use the theme, you have to import the demos available on your site and furnish it with your own content. You can choose from a wide variety of layouts and designs stocked in the demos, and the theme allows customization of content that is pre-built. For creating your very own website, make use of the customizations options of fonts, colors, page layout and much more. A visual composer is a tool that allows much more advanced customizations.

Fintech – theme for multi-page website
The Fintech theme amply demonstrates how fast the process of website creation can be with WordPress themes. It will take just a couple of hours to create a website from the time you click to import the demo and load the content on it, provided you be ready with the content.  The theme consists of a single layout for the home page although there are many options for the different layout of the inner pages. For quick customization, an intuitive interface is provided, and the design of the about page, blog posts and news, company history page and other pages are highly stylish and attractive.

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Finance Plus – theme for financial business
The name clarifies the nature of use of the theme, which is a common choice in the financial industry. The home page has six options that bear testimony to the extent of flexibility of the theme. Even after creating the website, you can switch between the other choices any time without affecting the chosen theme. You can have six different home pages of the site to add freshness to the looks by changing the page at intervals without affecting any other aspect of the page or website. Animated sliders, media players, project and portfolio items, the latest news from the blog, online forms and client testimonials are available by default.

Your creativity determines how well you can make use of WordPress themes to advance the cause of your business because the possibilities are endless.

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